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Swedish Weaving

This season Swedish Weaving Classes will be held for those interested  
every Thursday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm starting the first Thursday in November, ending the last 
week of March. We welcome beginners as well as those who participated last year during the Swedish Weaving class. Beginners feel free to come and talk with us about the types of projects you can do.


For Beginners this class is done with Monk's cloth and several patterns 
are available in books that can be purchased. Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby also offer the cloth in limited sizes and colors.  


Beginners may come and chat with the instructor to find out more. If you purchase cloth please have it prepared prior to the first class.  Preparations are to hem using a zig zag stitch on all ends that are not salvage.  Wash in warm water and dry.  The material will shrink down.   We will have pattern books available for you to choose a pattern.  The yarn should be 100% acrylic and depending on the size of your project you must purchase accordingly.   If you want to do a smaller project then 1 skein would be enough. For larger projects you might want two skeins depending on the pattern you choose.
We look forward to seeing everyone. To sign up please contact Julie Glenna at 813-788-9065.  Based on the number of instructors the class will have a limited number of participants.  


For more information email

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