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Community Resources

Information for New residents

Our Welcoming Committee is here to meet with all new residents of Forest Lake Estates.

A comprehensive packet of information will be provided to new residents to answer many questions they may have about joining the community. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know as a new resident of Forest Lake Estates.

We have a wonderful Homeowners Association here at Forest Lake Estates, from our Board of Directors to those running activities, social events, skill groups and special events. Joining the Forest Lake Estates Home Owners Association is an important aspect of our FLE community.

For more information, contact:


Information for Retired Residents       

Food Stamps        

Meals on Wheels

Information for Seasonal Residents

When you head back North you need to be worry free about your home in Florida.  The best way to do that is to have somebody checking your home weekly.  There are numerous full time residents in Forest Lake Estates that are willing to provide this service.

There are also some very good documents available to help you prepare your home and car for the summer.

Leaving Your Florida Home Vacant - University of Central Florida

Mold and Mold Control - University of Central Florida

Closing your seasonal home - University of Florida

Storing a car for the summer -

Information for Canadian Snowbirds

Seasonal residents from Canada are in the USA on a special visitor Visa and they need to be aware of their responsibilities to both the US Government and the Canadian Government.  The Canadian Snowbird Association is a wealth of information and resources.

Canadian Snowbird Association

Canadians Volunteering in USA - Duke University Hospital


IRS form 8840 - Closer Connection Exception Statement for Aliens 

(required if you are in the USA more than 122 days each year for three years in a row)

Bringing Food into the US (for personal use) - US Customs & Border Protection

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