Forest Lake Estates Homeowners' Association, also known as FLEHOA, is a not-for-profit association. 


Its mandate is to operate an association encompassing the well-being and business affairs of the FLEHOA. It also promotes friendship, harmony, and communication between the FLEHOA members and the park owners.


FLEHOA also negotiates and ensures all rent increases are reasonable and worthy. Finally, FLEHOA ensures the park owners are in compliance with  Florida Statutes Chapter 723, the prospectus, and all rules and regulations.

The FLEHOA meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month, September through April.


Officers And Board of Directors



President: Carolyn Keithley

Vice President: Mike Black

Secretary: Wendy Coache

Treasurer: Jan Swanson

Director: Mark Matthews

Director: Janice Collins

Director: Garry Chickery

Director: Mike Bodenheimer

Director: Steve Bushey


Committee Chairs:

Membership/Resident Directory: Garry Chickery

Welcoming: Jan Swanson 

Social: Toni Beaton

Activities: TBD

Recycling: Janice Collins

Calendar: Steve Bushey


Email address:

Editor/Layout: Wendy Coache

Advertising: Mark Matthews