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Shuffleboard for Fun

Everyone is welcome to join in. We welcome newcomers. Just show up 15 minutes before the start time and enjoy a fun outing of shuffling.

Information on daily games and tournaments is posted on the shuffleboard bulletin board.
For more information, contact:

Gary McLean at 813-395-6575, Davis Bryans at 226-270-2383 or Ray Dion at


Monday & Wednesday - Frolics (Round Robin) Shuffle at 9:30 AM

Draw chips once, but play three games changing partners every game, so you end up playing with a different person each game.

Tuesday - Bowling Pin Shuffle at 9:30 AM

It’s a really fun game to play. We draw chips for each of the three games played. A bowling pin is placed at each end of the shuffleboard courts on the center line between the eight and the ten boxes. The object of the game is to avoid hitting the pin, but if the pin falls down, ten points are deducted from the total score for each time the pin falls down from the person who knocked it over.

Thursday & Saturday - Hoss Collar Shuffle at 9:30 AM

Come and join us and bring $.50 a person and prepare to be a winner. We play three games for points with three people on a team. We draw chips for each game so you have different partners for each game. Total your score for the three games.  Prizes are paid for high and low scores.  You could be a lucky winner.


Friday - Singles Mingles Shuffle at 9:30 AM

Draw chips for each of the four games. The last six boxes are “X” off on each game, so the full score board is not used in this game, but we play four times instead of three. You get to meet and play with more people in this game. It’s another fun game to play.

8 Park League

The 8 Park Wednesday Afternoon League play starts each year in December.  Residents from 8 local parks compete in league play on Wednesday afternoon, starting at 1:00 pm. Matches are played in each of the parks. Sign up at the shuffle courts to participate in the league.

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