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Exercise & Fitness

Pool Exercises:
   Monday, Wednesday, Friday,  11:00 am., drop-in.

    At the adult pool


Senior Exercises
Monday,  Wednesday,  Friday, 9:00 a.m., drop-in.

   In The Clubhouse

Join our friendly group of men and women for approximately 45 minutes of stretching, strengthening, and low-impact aerobic exercises. We follow the music accompanied Senior Shape-up© fitness routine, originally designed by Creative Fitness, Inc., a professional exercise instruction company specializing in fitness for seniors and others with special needs. This routine was created to satisfy a broad range of exercise needs, including individuals just beginning an exercise routine; recovering from surgery; or challenged by chronic physical limitations. As an option, bring light hand weights with you for enhanced cardio and toning benefit.


Line Dancing
  Tuesday and Friday, 1:00pm, drop-in

   On the stage side of the clubhouse, please enter through the door under the portico

Ballroom Dance Lessons

    Monday, 7:00pm, Drop-In, Clubhouse South

    Professional Instructor / $5.00 person

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