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Cycling around Forest Lake Estates

Upper Hillsborough Hiking / Cycling Trail


The main trail is sand and shell but is groomed to hard pack.  Numerous trails branch off but may be too soft to ride.  At the South East corner there is a trail where you can walk down to the "pristine" Hillsborough river.


You can access the park at the North end by the train tracks or at the main gate on Chancy.  If the North Gate is open there may be hunters in  the park.

To find out more about the Upper Hillsborough Preserve:

Hillsborough River State Park

Located at the North end of the Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve the park offers paved roads and riverside picnic areas.  There is also a walking trail along the river.

Just South of the park entrance there is an unsigned open "gate"  that leads to a parking area.  There is a short dirt trail connecting to the park roads or a grassed trail connecting to Dead River Road.  Follow the road to the picnic area at the river.

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